Covid Vaccine Update FAQs

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Question – When will I get my vaccination?

The practices in Halton and Warrington are following the advice of the Joint Council for Vaccination and Immunisation (the JCVI) and are going in order of cohort.  We have vaccinated groups 1 – 5.  If you are over 65 years and have not yet been contacted by the practice please ring 0151 424 3101 and let us

know.  We are now moving on to group 6.

Question – I am housebound, when will I get my vaccination

Now we have the Astra Zeneca vaccination we can arrange appointments for housebound patients.   

Question – How do I know what cohort I am in? Who decides what cohort I am in?

Cohorts are decided by your medical records based on your age and your medical condition.

Question – Why are you postponing second doses?

The UK Chief Medical Officers agreed a longer timeframe between first and second doses so that more people can get their first dose quickly, and because the evidence shows that one dose still offers a high level of protection after two weeks – 89% for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and 74% for the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. This decision will allow us to get the maximum benefit for the most people in the shortest possible time and will help save lives. Getting both doses remains important so we would urge people to return for it at the right time.

Question – I am an unpaid carer, why can’t I be vaccinated now (with my relative, because paid carers can …..)

Unpaid carers fall within cohort 6; this is in line with the Joint Council for Vaccination and Immunisation priority grouping advice.  Paid carers do fall within cohort 2 which is where some of the misunderstanding on the cohort allocation appears to be occurring.  Practices will have vaccinated all those in cohorts 1 to 4 by 14th February.  We are now vaccinating cohorts 5 and 6.  

Question – I have already had Covid/ I think I have had Covid/ I am suffering from ‘Long Covid’ - do I still need to get vaccinated?   

The advice from the JCVI is that if you are in a priority group you should still be vaccinated. The MHRA have looked at this and decided that getting vaccinated is just as important for those who have already had Covid-19 as it is for those who haven’t, including those who still have mild symptoms. Where people are suffering significant ongoing complications from Covid they should discuss whether or not to have a vaccine now with a clinician.   PATIENTS NEED TO HAVE 28 CLEAR DAYS AFTER A COVID TEST BEFORE THEY ARE VACCINATED

Question – Can I pick what vaccine I want? I don’t want the Pfizer vaccine etc. 

Unless you have an allergy to a particular vaccine you will be given the vaccine that the site is using on that particular day.  We don’t know what vaccine we are getting until it arrives.  Any vaccines that the NHS provide have been approved because they pass the MHRA’s tests on safety and efficacy, so please be assured that whatever vaccine you get, it is worth the while. 

Question – I don’t want to wait until it is my cohort so can I get one privately?  

No. Vaccinations are only available through the NHS and given in priority order.  Remember, the vaccine is free of charge.

– The NHS will never ask you for your bank account or card details.

– The NHS will never ask you for your PIN or banking password.

– The NHS will never arrive unannounced at your home to administer the vaccine.

– The NHS will never ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents such as your passport, driving licence, bills or pay slips. 

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up. If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft you should report this directly to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Where the victim is vulnerable, and particularly if you are worried that someone has or might come to your house, report it to the Police online or by calling 101.