Hypertension & Blood Pressure Monitoring

Hypertension & Blood Pressure Monitoring

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We currently have nearly 1400 patients with high blood pressure at the surgery, the majority of whom are receiving treatment. We recommend that everyone with hypertension should have their blood pressure recorded at least once a year. 

Patients aged 45 and over and have not got a diagnosis of hypertension are recommended to have a blood pressure check every 5 years.

We are trying to make it easier for patients on treatment for high blood pressure to be monitored and; in general for patients to submit their blood pressure reading. Many of patients already have blood pressure machines at home and keep an eye on your blood pressure readings. Home readings tend to be accurate and can avoid the risk of ‘white coat’ hypertension, where readings can be higher at the surgery.  You can also take several readings over a few days, which is more representative of your usual day to day life.

If you do not have a blood pressure machine at home, patients are encouraged to use the free blood pressure machine located in reception in the surgery. The machine will record your blood pressure, height and weight. The machine will print out 2 slips, one for your records and one to be handed into reception, so it can be recorded in your medical records. Please ask reception for a gold token to use the machine.

In future, rather than have to make an appointment at the surgery, you take some blood pressure readings using the BP machine in reception, your own machine or alternatively, you could ask for the loan of one of our machines via reception. 

Patients are encouraged to check their BP regularly and submit your readings using the form below;

Submit your Blood Pressure Reading

Current Health Status

In this section, we will ask you general questions about your current health.
Please select one of the following regards to your smoking status.
If you currently smoke, are you interested in trying to quit or reduce your smoking?
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Submit your Blood Pressure Readings

In this section you can submit your blood pressure reading and submit multiple readings and a GP will calculate your average blood pressure reading.
Please submit any additional information.