Booking an Appointment

There are 4 Ways you Can Book an Appointment: 

1. By Telephone by ringing 0151 424 3101/244 3339 from 8am to 6.30pm. Important please note that you will  be allocated a timed telephone appointment slot with a doctor. The doctor will ring you back as near to your timed telephone slot as possible. If an appointment is needed you will be allocated one by the doctor.

2. In person at the receptionist desk 8am – 6.30pm. However you will be placed on an appointment timed telephone slot as explained in (1) above.  

3. On Line (see details below). From January 2013 you can now book an appointment  and order your repeat prescriptions on line. Please click on the link and then click the green Register Now button to register to use this service. (This service is temporarily suspended due to Covid restrictions).

4. You can also book an appointment by contacting a receptionist here at The Beeches Medical Centre to be seen at GP Extra at Widnes HCRC.

This is especially helpful for patients who work, as GP Extra is open from 6.30pm – 9pm Monday – Friday and Saturday and Sunday 9.30am – 3.30pm.

If your problem is life threatening please phone 999 for an ambulance. You can also ring 111 for medical advice. Patients who repeatedly do not turn up for appointments may be removed from the practice list.

Please Book Your Appointment Here