Covid Vaccine Update FAQs

Question – When will I get my vaccination? The practices in Halton and Warrington are following the advice of the […]

Invites via text message

Coronavirus vaccine update 6th February 2021 We are working through our most vulnerable patients to vaccinate these groups as soon […]

Covid Vaccination Programme Rollout

Following extensive trials, the first safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine has been approved in the UK and is now available […]

Hospital Letters and GP Appointments

Sometimes when patients attend hospital they are told to make an appointment with their GP to discuss their results. Please […]

Covid-19 Vaccine

We are getting a lot of enquiries regarding the covid vaccine, please do not telephone the surgery regarding the vaccine as […]

Online Asthma Review Questionnaire

Suffer From Asthma? Then please participate in our Online Asthma Review Questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to check […]

Wellbeing Enterprises CIC

We have now introduced Halton Wellbeing into the practice for our patients. Wellbeing Enterprises is an award winning social enterprise who support […]

Phlebotomy Service at the Beeches has Been Suspended

The in-house phlebotomy service at The Beeches Medical Centre has been temporarily suspended due to circumstances beyond our control. This […]

Dr Nugent is now Called Dr McKuhen

Dr Nugent has married and will be using his new name Dr McKuhen.

Please see Below to Find a Useful Guide for Parents and Guardians With Regards to Covid-19

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