Non NHS Services Fees

The Beeches Medical Centre

Fees for Services not Provided Under the NHS

The services shown are not provided under the National Health Service contract and the following fees will be charged unless stated differently by a Doctor. Please see the associated “Why do GP’s charge fees?” fact sheet.

Non –NHS Service provided Cost
 Firearm declaration by GP £20
   Private Sick Certificate  £10
  To Whom it May Concern (simple administration letter)  £20
  OFSTED and Child minding form completion  £40
  Fitness to Fly/Travel/Gym  £30
  Statement of fact/signed photo  £20
Army/Navy and DVLA forms £40
  Medical Reports  
  Adoption (completion of form and medical) Borough council sets charge £73.86
  Employment (completion of form or dictated letter) £40
  Employment completion of form and medical £100
  Cancellation of holiday  – (insurance form) £30
  Medical Report and Examination 
   Insurance (completion of form with full medical history) £97
  Insurance completion of form, medical history and examination £120
  Taxi Driver and HGV medical  £80 

The cost of services are based on BMA guidelines – updated 12.12.19.LB sample content.