Halton Clinical Commissioning Group

Information Regarding the Structure of Halton CCG

As a practice we are a member of Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (HCCG). This helps us to share ideas with local practices. HCCG has the responsibility for arranging other health care services that practices do no control such as physiotherapy and district nursing and agrees standards of care with local hospitals.This should mean that Halton will receive better health services as we can arrange services that are particular for the demands of Halton residents and not have to go along with services that are not useful locally. To find out more about Halton CCG, visit Halton CCG website by clicking here.

CCG’s commission services on your behalf, they can be contacted at;

Halton CCG

No 1 Lakeside

920 Centre Park



Telephone: 01925 303 030

Please visit the Halton CCG website for up to date information and services available in Halton.